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Help Us Change a Woman’s Life

thank-you-300x225At Casa, we are committed to providing high quality, affordable and ethical drug and alcohol dependence treatment to women, but we need your help. For almost 50 years Casa has been helping women get sober, break their silence and take their lives back. It is our mission to help these women rebuild and transform their lives. We have set a goal to raise $100,000 this year to help us continue to provide outstanding services and hold down the costs for women that could not otherwise afford treatment.

Recent graduates express how Casa changed their lives far better than we ever could, "For the first time in my life, I have a job...I am happy with who I am” and "you saved my life, and gave me my family back." 

Will you help us change a woman’s life?

For many women, treatment can be the difference between life and death. According to the CDC, approximately 88,000 people will die from alcohol-related causes in the United States each year and another 40,000 will die from drug-related causes. Alcoholism and other addiction have devastating effects not just on the alcoholic or addict, but on their parents, spouses and, most especially, their children. These children often suffer from guilt, anxiety, embarrassment, inability to have close relationships, confusion, anger and depression. Addiction treatment changes the life of not just the woman, but her children and family.

Over the years, our supporters have helped support our Residential, Day, Outpatient and Detox programs and to bring new services, programs and staff, and we cannot thank you enough. Now we need your support so that we can continue to:

  • Hold down the cost of treatment and strengthen our scholarship program to provide financial assistance to women who cannot otherwise afford the treatment they need; and
  • Enhance existing programs that not only treat addiction, but the underlying issues that lead to addictive behavior, and our increased focus on family programs to address family dynamics in the homes of those suffering from addiction.

Your donations can help make a difference in a woman’s life. Many of those seeking help at Casa have few material resources and come to us in great need. Your contribution helps us keep the doors open to women in need and allows us to grow our programs and expand in order to keep pace with new demands necessary for accomplishing our mission of providing an opportunity for any woman who wants it, a life of joyful recovery and lasting sobriety.

$25, $50, $100, $500...
No donation is too small to help benefit the women of Casa



Give conveniently from your own home or office utilizing our online donation feature. If you need a receipt, we will gladly send you one. Contributions of all sizes go a long way toward making a difference.


The Brick Garden

Give a gift you can touch; a gift you can feel; a gift you and your family can enjoy for many years to come: Buy a brick to be placed in our beautiful garden made possible for the staff and women of Casa through the generous support of the San Marino Junior Alliance.

Casa thanks The San Marino Junior Alliance for their donation of this patio area.


Shop at Strouds Linens

When you shop at Strouds Linens for wonderful bed and bath linens, Strouds will be donating bed and bath products to Casa! Visit their website at www.stroudslinens.com, to see their complete line of very well priced luxury linens, and to learn more about their socially compliant, fair trade mill practices, as well as their heritage of giving back to the community. Shop, save and help Casa today!


Donate Materials - Our Wish List

Computer Resource Room Supplies:

  • Laptop/desktop computers
  • Windows tutorial software
  • PowerPoint and DVD projector


Social Outings:

  • Passes and/or tickets to plays, movies, amusement parks, spas or other outings appropriate for women in recovery.


General Supplies:

  • Towels and linens (white)
  • Beauty services (haircuts/styling)
  • Personal & feminine hygiene supplies
  • Tote bags
  • Hazelden treatment videos



Supporting local organizations helps people in need and builds a stronger community. NBC4 supports Casa through the "I am a Volunteer" program.

For further information about volunteering as a Women’s Empowerment Speaker, contact Gregory Gooden at 626.792.2770 ext. 13 or by email at gregory@casatreatmentcenter.org


Online Shop

We have an online shop where you can purchase Casa Gear that includes some great apparel!