About Us

Hope and Healing Begins at Casa

casa-logo-footer Casa is a 24-hour, non-medical substance abuse treatment program for women. Our programs emphasize abstinence from alcohol and/or other mind-altering substances and encourages the physical, mental and spiritual growth in the recovery process, while also addressing co-occurring disorders. Women 18 years of age or older (or emancipated minors) are provided with a safe, clean and sober environment to help them reach the goal of becoming alcohol and drug free.

Founded in 1967, Casa is the first recovery home in Pasadena to specifically cater to the unique needs of women struggling with substance dependence.  We provide a non-judgmental, inviting setting where healing and self-exploration are nurtured. Casa serves women from many backgrounds and circumstances who are given the opportunity to regain the skills and confidence they need to live productive, healthy and meaningful lives.

Casa serves over 300 adult women per year of all ages, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds, who suffer from substance abuse disorders and addiction. Casa is an abstinence-based treatment program built around the concept that everyone within the therapeutic community contributes to creating a safe environment that generates the opportunity for recovery in each woman.   Our individualized treatment plans and therapeutic approaches are adapted to meet the needs and situations of the individual woman, her family, and the group overall, and to address other issues which precipitated or are related to her substance abuse problem.


To provide a home of hope and healing where women recover from addiction, transform their lives, and learn to love themselves.


Through love, knowledge and understanding, every woman seeking recovery and a better life will have the opportunity to achieve it.

Core Values:

It takes a community of support for women to successfully recover from addiction. Our community is guided by values that promote healing, transformation and recovery for the women we serve and their families. Our values are:

  • A community of sisterhood and family
  • Quality and ethical services
  • A safe and compassionate environment
  • Acceptance and forgiveness
  • Accountability and gratitude
  • Empathy, encouragement, and empowerment


We enjoy membership with the following organizations:

Treatment Programs


Residential Program
Our Residential Program program offers a holistic approach for women whose recovery needs require a structured live-in treatment setting.


Day Treatment Program
Our Day Treatment Program offers a holistic approach for women whose recovery needs may not require residential (onsite) treatment, yet are appropriate for a program that exceeds the level of care offered in Intensive Outpatient Treatment..


Outpatient Program
Our Outpatient Program provides an intensive and highly structured program focused on recovery and relapse prevention for women who are either unable to accommodate a residential treatment schedule or seek aftercare support following completion of residential treatment.


Sober Living Program
Our Sober Living Program and facilities make it possible for women completing addiction treatment to live in a safe, supportive, and sober environment for up to one year.