Gregory is a licensed therapist and certified addiction professional.  He is the Compliance Officer at Casa Treatment Center where he has worked since 2010.  Gregory works to ensure Casa programming and charting comply with all state licensing and accreditation requirements and works with the Clinical Director to ensure that programming is competent, intentional, and relevant in a way that helps produce better outcomes.

Gregory is a humanist-existential therapist, but he also incorporates a background in the neuroscience of addiction and CBT into his work with clients.  He has worked heavily with clients in the areas of family systems, sudden life changes, interpersonal relationships, sex/meth bonding issues, and LGTBQIA issues, as well as addiction/recovery management when co-occurring disorders are present.

Gregory is a cheerleader; viewing the client as the expert in their problems, and he works with the client to explore the problem, collect the evidence, and point out the clues that might be getting overlooked.

Outside of Casa, Gregory maintains a private therapy practice, is an adjunct professor at Pacific Oaks College and Glendale College, and he serves on the board of the California Association for Drug/Alcohol Educators (CAADE).

CATC #122965, LMFT #110965