Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services

admin_1Similar to our inpatient services, all of our outpatient programs are abstinence based. Our recovery philosophy utilizes the vast experience and knowledge of our highly qualified staff.

Upon admission to our Outpatient Treatment program, participants will meet with one of our counselors who will assess their specific needs and concerns, and together they will develop an individualized treatment program designed to help them clear a path to long-term recovery, one day at a time.


Day Treatment

Casa’s Day Treatment (PHP) program offers a comprehensive approach for women whose recovery needs may not require residential (onsite) treatment, yet are appropriate for a program that exceeds the level of care offered in Intensive Outpatient Treatment.

Our individualized Day Treatment program includes over 26 hours per week of customized workshops and groups centered on:

  • Addiction Education and Peer Support
  • Addressing Domestic Violence and Healthy Relationships
  • Women's Recovery and Empowerment Groups
  • 12-Step Mutual Support Groups and Spiritual Development
  • Grief & Loss and Healing from Trauma
  • Anger Management
  • Creativity and the Healing Process
  • Money Management
  • Process Addictions: Gambling, Spending and Eating Disorders
  • Family Program

Our Day Treatment program is open to women 18-years of age or older who are struggling to overcome addiction to alcohol and other substances. The program is typically 90 days, followed by transition to outpatient treatment, where appropriate and required.

In addition to assigned groups and workshops, our Day Treatment program includes participation in job preparedness trainings; speaker workshops focused on women’s empowerment and other trainings designed to ensure long-term sobriety and solidify goal setting priorities and successes.

We conduct random drug screening and Day Treatment participants receive a certificate of completion to satisfy all court and insurance requirements, where applicable.

Casa recommends Day Treatment participants reside in sober living when possible, however this is not a requirement for admission.


Outpatient Program

Our Outpatient Program is comprised of two key components:

Individual Sessions - Designed to orient the participants to the expectations of the intensive outpatient program, complete the administrative documentation and establish rapport with the participants to encourage treatment compliance.

Small Support Groups - Provide participants basic skills required to achieve initial sobriety and maintain a long-term program of recovery. Each group meets for 1.5 hours with a maximum of 10 participants. Support Groups are an essential component of the treatment model and cover anger management, parenting skills, relapse prevention, dual diagnosis, drug education, life skills and issues of particular concern to women in recovery.

All outpatient participants are required to submit to random drug and alcohol testing as a means of accountability. Outpatient programs include individual and group counseling, as well as family counseling sessions where participants and their family members may share their concerns, learn about the causes and effects of alcohol and drug addiction and establish a loving and committed plan for healing together.

Outpatient programs we offer are daytime IOP, evening IOP and OP (a less intensive program designed as the last step prior to Aftercare). 


Aftercare Program

Casa offers a structured Aftercare program for you to participate in. This program offers an individualized session per month, one group per week as determined by you and your counselor, random UA testing, and the structured accountability of a meeting card requirement. This program is ideal for those looking to strengthen their ongoing recovery and is often accepted by diversion programs for ongoing aftercare requirements.