What to Bring

Here is a list of things that you might want to bring to camp with you.

* Expect temperatures in the range of 60’s in the day and 30’s in the evening. Bring clothing to accommodate.
* Most cabins have 4 beds to a cabin and some have 5. Unless you are in a couple’s cabin, we will often put 2-3 people in a cabin. Cabins contain steel cots with vinyl-lined mattresses.  Many campers will bring sleeping bags or blankets and pillows. Some campers even bring air mattresses (be sure to insulate UNDER the mattress or it gets cold!), but the beds provided are solid and comfortable.  But be sure to bring a pillow and blanket and/or sleeping bag at a minimum.
* There are heated and very clean showers and restrooms at the top of camp and at the bottom of camp (NOT in cabins). Bring a towel, bar soap, shampoo and any other toiletries you need.
* Hiking shoes or good sneakers if you wish to hike to Heart Rock!
* A folding campers chair to use in cabin, the main meeting hall (there are metal folding chairs), or for by the campfire.
* Some campers bring a cooler to keep sodas/snacks in their cabins.
* Some like to bring string lights, rugs or other items to decorate their cabins with and make them cozy. We often have a “best decorated cabin” contest!