Our Team

Our substance abuse programs are very strong, and much of this has to do with our highly educated, compassionate, and professional staff.


Karla Salazar
Interim CEO

Dr. Eugene Caine, MD
Medical Director

Susan Musetti, LMFT #25720
Interim Clinical Director

Gregory Gooden, LMFT #110967

Director of Programs & Compliance


Ava Alexandar
Director of Development


Tina Fox
Director of Administration

Intake / Admissions

Naira Karapetyan
Admissions Coordinator

Laura Draper

Laura Draper, CADC-II-CA
Intake Coordinator

Program Staff

Candice Sakellariou
Activities Coordinator

Susan Stewart
Facilities Coordinator – Administration

Residential & Outpatient Treatment

Marietta Cantsee, RADT i
Case Manager

Maribell Gonzalez, AMFT-96926
Case Manager

Janine McRiley, CATC-i
Case Manager

Nashata Hayes
Medical Assistant

Rachel Hanks
Community Liaison / Executive Assistant

Michelle Welch
Program Assistant

Jami Grenham
Program Assistant

Isabel Juarez
Program Assistant

Jessica Palmini
Program Assistant

Beth Schurga
Program Assistant

Suzie Manikyan
Program Assistant

Anastasia Hernandez
Program Assistant

Rebecca Fleming
Program Assistant

Sober Living Staff

Erika Campbell
Sober Living Manager